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NEVER EVER host fansites on FanFusion: What happened to us


This is probably gonna be a long post, but I NEED you to read it and spread the word. Everybody needs to know how low FanFusion plays and what they’re capable of when you refuse to give them what they want - and what belongs to you, simply because you bought it.

It all started on Dec 30th, 2011. My friend is the owner of 2 really popular websites, both hosted by FanFusion. I was a co-web in one fo them. On that day, we tried to log in in our WordPress dashboards, and we couldn’t. So they sent her an e-mail asking her to transfer her domains to them:


Unlocking the domains mean they would be able to keep the domains, and they would belong to FanFusion. Something WE paid for, would belong to them.

When she asked what they meant, that’s what she got in reply:


"Nothing has changed, it just means that the site would be hosted here forever." FOREVER. That basically means that if we decide to close the website, we wouldn’t be able to. It would be open forever and would just be passed to someone else.

And we didn’t want it. They never said the websites hosted with them HAD to be transferred to them, and when we refused to give them the domains, both websites were simply DELETED. They didn’t give us a chance to change hosts or anything - remember we couldn’t log in to make a backup of our files. They deleted everything. Everything.

The funny thing is… There wasn’t a single line on the rules stating that tranferring the domain was mandatory - we have caps to prove it. They made it up and expect us to accept it. And when we didn’t, they deleted our sites.

But… alright. I mean, we were mad, but we got new hosts and we are working on the websites again. That would have been alright if it had stopped there.

But it didn’t.

About 5 days ago, FanFusion deleted my website, WITHOUT LETTING ME KNOW ANYTHING, and put up an OFFENSIVE website on my domain. It contained pictures of me, my friend and other people, as well as her address and phone number. I immediately deleted the DNS information, so it would be down.

They were also threatening me, saying that if I removed the DNS from the offensive site, other websites would be used. And so they used my literary blog, also hosted with them.

Again, I put it down, but obviously they wouldn’t stop.

So FanFusion started spamming us and our contact lists with new websites and offensive pictures:



Also, they made twitter accounts:


As you can see, that’s number 5. There were 4 before that one, and other 2 followed after.

We quickly reported all of them as spams, and the pages got suspended.

Then we got a new one and we were threatened again!


And they actually made an offensive Tumblr:


Now, let me show you how the e-mails looked like:



And so on…

As you can see, they used different e-mail accounts to send the spams, trying to hide their asses. Well, the thing is: in one of the e-mails, they forgot to change the sender address:


See? FanFusion.

Now, would you trust a host who commits the CRIME of defamation, just because you don’t wanna give them a domain you paid for?

After that, we decided to further investigate the e-mails, checking the original message, just to make sure we had more proofs. And guess what we got?


YES, you were right! Fanfusion again!

So, you see… the thing here isn’t about deleting a fansite anymore. It’s about violating the law that states defamation as a CRIME. They post offensive pictures, post her address, phone number, pics of her house… They actually SPEND THEIR TIME to hurt people. What kind of people are those?

Now, if you have a fansite hosted by FanFusion, I suggest you to move away as soon as possible.

It happened to us. It can happen to you too.

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